December 20, 2023 A Brand New Look

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Today, we’re excited to introduce a new look to the platform.

We launched in August 2022 to bring more trust and visibility to high-permanence carbon removal. In those days, there were only a handful of suppliers delivering an carbon removal, and early corporate buyers willing to take a chance on a nascent market. You can see an early version below!

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Since launch, we’ve seen the durable CDR market grow significantly: CDR volumes have grown ~10x – this past week we celebrated crossing 5 million tons sold. And those early partners at the cutting-edge of carbon removal? They’ve now graduated from in the lab proofs-of-concept to full production facilities ready to remove carbon at scale. That led us to the site many of you have gotten to know and love:

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Thousands of corporate buyers, investors, journalists, and researchers rely on to identify the opportunities and blockers to CDR reaching its full potential. While CDR may be in its infancy, we want to help build a new industry with trust, transparency, and world-class reporting from the start. With such an ambitious mission, we needed to redesign the platform from the ground up to set ourselves and our partners up for the next stage of scale.

Changes You’ll See

Today, we’re excited to share some updates rolling out across the platform and organization:

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1. Brand & Site Refresh: We’ve incorporated a lot of the community feedback to make our site more responsive, accessible, and easier to understand. The new site is significantly more performant and scalable for the gigatonnes ahead.

2. Easier Navigation: We've reworked our home page, supplier detail page, and order detail page from the ground up. The aim is simple: make information easier to find and understand.

3. New Capabilities: Our partners can now log-in directly from the site, to manage their listings and update data as orders & deliveries occur. Search and Leaderboards have gotten a makeover, and we’re introducing clearer ways to partner with our partnerships page.

A Big Thank You

We wanted to give a huge thank you to some of the key contributors to this rebuild. The site was designed by Grafit Agency, huge thank you to Patryk Sobczak at Tonik for connecting us. Finishing design touches by the amazing Michelle Bajurny.

Huge shout out to Chris Nixon, who lead the re-build the site from the ground up.

Any feedback or ideas? Feel free to reach out