June 27, 2024

Five Years of Durable Carbon Dioxide Removal Transactions: CDR.fyi's Journey

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Today marks exactly five years since the first durable carbon dioxide removal (CDR) transaction we recorded in our database. As we reach this milestone, we'd like to share our story and the progress we have witnessed in the CDR field.

In January 2022, Robert Höglund began tracking all known durable CDR transactions in a Google sheet that quickly became the go-to reference for the sector. In parallel, Kevin Niparko, built a dashboard of public CDR data. The merger of their efforts in August 2022 gave birth to CDR.fyi. Our simple yet ambitious goal: to provide transparency and reliable benchmarks for the growing CDR industry. Alex Rink joined soon after, adding structure and direction to our mission.

Over the past two years, the CDR market has evolved rapidly. What began as a handful of transactions has become a global effort involving numerous companies, technologies, and approaches. We've worked to keep pace with this growth, continuously improving our data collection and reporting methods.

As the CDR market has matured, so have we. Thanks to the collective efforts of our team of current and past contributors and volunteers, including Christopher Nixon, Tank Chen, Roden Sherpa, Quentin Servais Laval, Kohzy Koh, Nadine Walsh, Katya Larina, Michelle Bajurny, Alina Baron, Michael Guzzardi, Anna Pasini, Kristin So, Lazslo Koval, Isabella Cruz B., Ifeoluwa Daranijo, and many external partners, advisors, and reviewers., CDR.fyi has grown into the definitive source for worldwide durable CDR transactions and market intelligence. We started as a purely volunteer effort; as we moved into 2024, we structured as a public benefit corporation (PBC) and introduced a "give to get" model, providing valuable services to sustain our operations.

While keeping the website content completely free for all, we now offer a range of subscription and support plans that allow companies to access our comprehensive datasets and insights for analytics or integration into their platforms. Our commitment to transparency remains paramount, and we continue to encourage the entire community to use and attribute data sourced from our website and portal.

That first transaction we hinted at earlier? On June 27, 2019, Swiss Re purchased 100 tonnes of CDR from Carbofex. One small transaction for a company, one momentous transaction for the planet.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.