January 04, 2024

How Much Carbon Removal Should I Buy?

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All companies need durable CDR to reach their net zero targets and should be buying some removals to help scale the sector and make it available at the level needed to reach corporate and global targets. But how much is reasonable?

To answer this question, CDR.fyi has reviewed and is releasing a new CDR.fyi Purchase Calculator using SBTi-aligned CDR scaling scenarios. The calculator is developed by Cole Caswell and is available here.

The calculator looks at how much removal is “needed” globally every year, given a realistic scaling path, and then translates that into a corporate responsibility, considering that early adopters will buy more than later ones.

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There is no objective answer to how much CDR a company should buy, and the CDR scaling scenarios will look very different depending on what one thinks is a possible future growth rate. This guide gives a number that can be used as a starting point. The levels displayed in the tool should be seen as a minimum. Companies with high profits and low investment needs to reduce emissions are encouraged to buy several times more CDR. Companies will also differ in their allocation of climate investments between CDR and other solutions.

We invite you to take a look at the tool here and let us know what you think: CDR.fyi/calculator