April 26, 2024

Introducing CDR.fyi API: Access the Universe of Carbon Removal Data

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Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the CDR.fyi API, a powerful new way to access the world's largest data platform of high-permanence carbon removal data.

Our mission at CDR.fyi is to accelerate carbon removal worldwide. The CDR.fyi API provides programmatic access to reliable CDR data to embed directly into your workflow or build custom apps to solve bottlenecks for your team.

Build Apps to Accelerate CDR

Over the past few months, we've been working with customers in our Public Beta and we've been amazed by the ways the community is building on the API. With the CDR.fyi API, you can...

  • Generate Leads for Carbon Removal Sales: Identify new prospects for your carbon removal sales team by querying the API for purchasers who have bought similar products in the past, and sync this data with your CRM for seamless outreach.
  • Build a Slack Bot for Real-Time Order Updates: Stay on top of the latest carbon removal orders by creating a Slack bot that posts updates whenever new orders are added to the CDR.fyi database.
  • Enhance Climate Project Ratings and Analysis: Incorporate detailed carbon removal data into your project ratings and analysis tools to provide more comprehensive and accurate assessments of a project's potential impact and cost-effectiveness.
  • Track Industry Trends with Custom Dashboards: Create custom dashboards that visualize key metrics and trends in the carbon removal industry, such as top suppliers, average prices, and total volumes over time.

These are just a few examples of how our customers are using the CDR.fyi API to power their applications, analyses, and workflows. We’re launching today with 4 collections: Orders, Suppliers, Marketplaces, Purchasers. Check out API Reference and Docs learn more.

Demo: Query All CDR Orders

Let’s look at how easy it is to start building with the CDR.fyi API. First you’ll need to get your API key from the Partner Portal (if you aren’t a member, apply here).

With our API key in hand, we can query the Orders collection to get a list of recent CDR orders with a single request:

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The API will respond with the most recent CDR order updates around the world:

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So with a single request, we've now accessed historical CDR orders,; which we can enrich with additional Suppliers, Marketplaces, Purchasers, context.

Ready to Start Building?

To get access to the CDR.fyi API, apply for Partner Portal access. API access is available for all Data Partners and available to our Platform Subscribers as part of our Team+ Plans.

Check out our Docs and feel free to reach out to team@cdr.fyi with ideas, questions or feedback.