December 06, 2023

Introducing the Portal: Streamline sales & delivery reporting for carbon removal

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At, we are big advocates of the role carbon removal can play in getting us to net zero. Our mission is to foster an environment of transparency and trust for durable CDR (> 100 year permanence), leading to more relationships, business, and, ultimately, long-lasting carbon dioxide removal (CDR) to ensure a more habitable planet for future generations.

And that’s why today, we’re excited to announce a new product to help accelerate the CDR industry: the Portal

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The Portal enables CDR suppliers, purchasers, and marketplaces to streamline their reporting for purchases & deliveries of durable carbon removal. With Portal, CDR suppliers, marketplaces & purchasers can now report on the current state of every delivery and ensure consistent and transparent reporting with just a few clicks. Orders and deliveries managed via the Portal impact Leaderboards and CDR industry metrics and are made available via the API to the ecosystem.

We’ve been in private beta with Portal over the last few weeks. Over 30 companies have participated, from large-scale DAC suppliers to the biggest CDR buyer clubs to global marketplaces. We’ve been blown away by the contributions & feedback of the community, and especially our engaged beta companies, and are grateful for the ways Portal can help steward a more transparent and accountable CDR industry.

Today, Portal provides partners with advanced capabilities to manage their global listing and delivery flow directly on the platform:

  • submit your durable CDR orders
  • manage, edit, and delete your order data
  • submit and manage your listing on the Map
  • manage your profile page (coming soon)

In the coming months, we’ll also introduce you to additional tools & products like Private Orders, Pricing Analytics and Managed Registries.

To get started with Portal, complete this form. We will follow up with your logins and confirm your map listing.

Ideas? Suggestions? Please feel free to reach out anytime at or connect with us on LinkedIn.

Let’s lower the temperature together!

P.S.: There is still time to respond to our industry survey! Purchasers and suppliers can earn a complimentary copy of the detailed findings by completing the survey, and all other companies can earn a complimentary copy by referring purchasers or suppliers to complete it.

Many thanks to our team members who were so instrumental in the creation and enhancement of Portal: Kohzy, Koh, Quentin Servais-Laval, Tankson Chen, Michael Guzzardi, and Kevin Niparko