June 17, 2024

New CDR.fyi Portal and Map Features: CDR Supplier Projects and Facilities

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Dear CDR Friends,

At CDR.fyi, our mission is to accelerate durable carbon removal worldwide. To achieve this, we strive to provide all stakeholders with comprehensive, transparent, and reliable data. We believe that enhancing data transparency will empower stakeholders to make informed decisions, supporting the scale-up of a more efficient and effective carbon removal ecosystem.

To this end, we are extending our data coverage to include Projects & Facilities. By showcasing detailed project and facility information, we aim to support suppliers, purchasers, consultants, analysts, advocates, and policymakers in their missions to scaling carbon removal globally.

Key Use Cases and Benefits

Our Projects & Facilities expansion is integrated into the CDR.fyi Portal for market participants and the CDR.fyi Map for public exploration. Our new features will enable:

  • Suppliers: To showcase their facilities and projects to prospective purchasers. The more information suppliers share about their business and operations, the more credible they are to prospective purchasers.
  • Purchasers: To explore CDR methods and suppliers by filtering projects based on their criteria, and easily find local suppliers if they prioritize supporting local projects.
  • Consultants and Analytics Providers: To deliver a deeper level of insight to their clients. Enhanced project information helps stakeholders evaluate and understand carbon removal projects more effectively.
  • Government, NGOs, Media, and Academia: To gauge worldwide durable CDR activity across various methods. Advocates and policymakers can easily track projects within jurisdictions and follow their development over time.

New Features: Addition of Projects and Facilities

1. Partners can now add new facilities and projects directly through the CDR.fyi Portal and suggest edits. See the example below and find the complete list of the 33 data fields for projects and facilities data here.

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2. Detailed project-and-facility-level data is now available on the CDR Map, filterable by method and country.

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Why It Matters

Every day, hundreds of corporate buyers, investors, and researchers use CDR.fyi data to guide their decisions around carbon removal. In this evolving landscape, staying up-to-date with the latest information is vital. By enabling our partners to directly update their profiles, we ensure that the most accurate and reliable information about your company is presented on the CDR.fyi website and Map for everyone in the ecosystem, from corporate buyers and investors to researchers and media professionals.

Get Started

  • Already a CDR.fyi Portal user?
    • Log in and navigate to the Account section to add or edit your company’s facilities and projects.
    • Check out our API documents to explore and build custom features.
  • Not yet a CDR.fyi Portal user?


We’d love to hear what you think of the new capability and any suggestions for improvement! Please send us your feedback at team@cdr.fyi.

The durable carbon removal market has grown over 10x in the last couple of years, but scaling another 1,000x from present levels by 2050 is required to meet our collective net zero ambitions. Creating visibility for facilities and projects is another step in moving carbon removal from concept to reality.

Thank you for the opportunity to walk with you on this journey.


The CDR.fyi Team


We extend our heartfelt thanks to the individuals and organizations that contributed their invaluable insights during the review process. Special thanks go to Flo Oberhofer, Cimberley Groß, Anu Khan, Jason Grillo, Nikhil Neelakantan, Timothy Bushman, Annie Nichols, Dana Jacobs, Charlie Renzoni, and Kathrin McCarthy. Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping this update. Special shout-out to Jason Hochman and Aaron Benjamin at the Direct Air Capture Coalition and the team at Allied Offsets for sharing data on the latest DAC developments to keep our respective maps current and promote transparency in the space.

Our internal CDR.fyi team, led by Tank Chen, Quentin Servais Laval, Kevin Niparko, Alex Rink, and Laszlo Koval, also deserves special recognition for the design and execution of this project.

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