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Submit Data Partners 🤝

The easiest option to partner with us is to become a Data Partner. Data partners submit data of carbon removal purchases, deliveries, and verifications to help grow this database.

💾 Becoming a Data Partner data is sourced from public data sources and private partnerships with market participants. Your submissions help us maintain the comprehensiveness of the database.
Here’s how to submit:
  1. Make a copy of the datafeed template
  2. Rename to <YOUR-ORG> Data Feed
  3. Add your CDR order data to the sheet
  4. Share your sheet with and email us with the link to the sheet
  5. Continue to update the sheet as new orders are processed through your channel
For a glossary of field definitions, check out the Data Standard.
Have a data feed of CDR purchases and deliveries? Email the endpoints, any documentation, and any credentials to and we’ll look into ingesting the feed.

📩 Why become a data partner?

Trust and transparency are key to scaling the CDR market. is used by thousands of researchers, analysts, and fellow climate leads to monitor the growth of the high-permanence carbon removal market. By open reporting on, you’ll help the carbon removal community learn faster and maximize the impact of carbon removal. Your submissions contribute to increasing transparency and accountability within the carbon removal market.

The data helps all parties within the market: providing reference points for buyers, consolidating demand signals for project developers and channels, aggregating insights for market observers and policy makers.

Watershed, CEEZER, Supercritical, Charm Industrial are just a few of our valued partners who are contributing and supporting the work that we’re doing. Join them today by becoming a data partner.

🤝 Have other partnership ideas?

Reach out to – we’d be happy to hear about ways we can work together.