July 02, 2024

Showcasing supplier progress with Sylvera to scale durable CDR 1,000x

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Scaling durable carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is an essential component of achieving net zero globally by 2050. At CDR.fyi, we’re on a mission to accelerate carbon removal through transparency and trust.

Today, we are excited to announce our partnership with Sylvera, who are integrating key information via the CDR.fyi API into their carbon data platform. Sylvera provides data and tools for businesses and governments to navigate the carbon markets, amplifying the visibility and understanding of engineered CDR suppliers and their global projects and facilitating investment and purchasing decisions in the carbon removal industry.

Greater Transparency, Greater Trust

Transparency is the cornerstone of trust and investment in any emerging market. By partnering with Sylvera, we aim to showcase the progress that durable CDR suppliers are making in scaling their operations, operationally and commercially. This enriched visibility helps reduce perceived risks for investors and purchasers, fostering a more informed and confident market environment.

Of the roughly 350,000 companies worldwide with over 250 employees, fewer than 1% have purchased durable CDR. This gap underscores the immense potential for growth in the CDR market and the critical need for reliable data to support decision-making processes.

A Call to Action for Suppliers

The benefits of transparency extend to all participants in the durable CDR market, starting with suppliers. The CDR.fyi Portal enables suppliers to highlight their progress by submitting their sales and deliveries, and providing over 20 fields of information about their projects and facilities. All of this information is freely available to purchasers, investors, policymakers, the media, and other CDR market participants on the CDR.fyi Carbon Removal Map, website, and Portal. By openly sharing information about their progress, suppliers increase their visibility to potential buyers and investors and their credibility as scalable solutions in the marketplace.

“CDR.fyi is the go-to data source about engineered carbon removals and Sylvera provides the most rigorous analysis of both avoidance and removal projects’ impact. Together, offtakers and investors can now access the most robust set of data and insights about both avoidance and removal projects from one place, making it easier to navigate the carbon market and drive funding to effective climate solutions that contribute to real net zero progress” – Sylvera co-founder and CEO Allister Furey

We look forward to our partnership with Sylvera enhancing data transparency in the ecosystem to drive trust and growth. As the CDR market evolves, we are evolving our data and platform along with it to ensure that suppliers, purchasers, investors, marketplaces, registries, and all market participants have the information they require to identify and help scale the most effective solutions to help us meet our 2050 net zero goals.