January 29, 2024

[UPDATE] 2023 CDR Investment Landscape + List of Investors

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At CDR.fyi, our mission is to accelerate durable carbon dioxide removal (CDR) with permanence over 100 years. Following the release of our comprehensive report a few weeks ago, we've been fortunate to receive new information and feedback that have enriched our understanding of the CDR investment landscape.

🚀 Updated Investment Figures:

Our initial report provided a snapshot of the investment trends within the CDR sector in 2023. With the addition of newly uncovered investment data, we have updated these figures to offer a more complete and accurate picture of the current investment climate. This revised data ensures our report remains a relevant and reliable resource for those tracking the growth of CDR investments.

🎁 CDR Investor List:

Responding to the valuable feedback from our readers and stakeholders, we've put together a detailed list of investors. This list is categorized by CDR pathways/services and investment rounds. It is designed to help companies identify funding and partnership opportunities more efficiently.

We believe that this detailed categorization will not only benefit companies seeking investment in CDR but also provide insights for investors who have a broader interest in climate technology.

This information is helpful for anyone engaged in the CDR sector, especially for those looking for funding, exploring investment opportunities.

*It is crucial to acknowledge that the data might not capture the entirety of fundraising deals in the carbon removal sector for the entire year of 2023. Variations in reporting practices and the dynamic nature of financial activities could contribute to potential gaps in the dataset. If you are aware of any financings that occurred in the sector that you believe we may have missed, we encourage you to reach out to us at team@cdr.fyi.

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